Pool Remodeling in Safety Harbor, FL

Is your pool everything you want it to be? Do you find yourself wishing it had more aesthetic appeal or a defining feature? Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc. specializes in swimming pool renovations and can convert your lackluster in-ground pool into the pool you’ve always wanted. We’ve remodeled pools throughout Safety Harbor, FL, breathing new life into old concepts and raising the appeal of pool everywhere.

Complete Pool Remodeling

If your pool was built in the 70s, 80s or 90s, it’s probably looking a little out of fashion by now. Breathe new life into it with an inground pool renovation! We reinvent old, outdated, under maintained pools, giving them brand-new aesthetic and appeal. We welcome projects of all types and have renovated pools for residential and commercial properties throughout Safety Harbor, FL and the greater Tampa Bay area—even resorts!

From the pool itself, to the decking and tiling, to any features, we deliver complete remodeling to your specifications. We believe your pool should be a luxury that’s equally nice to look at and to be in.

Pool Next To Ocean

Pool Fountain

Feature Additions

Some pools don’t need a full pool remodeling—instead, they benefit from feature additions that broaden their appeal. Call us to bring your pool design up at a notch with a fountain, add safety with a railing or install lane lines along the bottom. Your pool should cater to your property, which means having the necessary features to accommodate anyone using it.


Enjoy the Pool You’ve Always Wanted

You should fall in love with your pool every time you look at it. If you don’t, it’s time to call Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc. We’ll assist you with a complete pool remodel, changing the design, aesthetic and ambiance of your pool. When we’re done, you won’t even recognize your old pool! Contact us today at 727-791-1090 to schedule an appointment.

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