Why Do Pools Need Resurfacing, and How Often Is It Needed?

Your swimming pool undergoes plenty of wear and tear even when you’re careful to keep up with maintenance—after all, think of all the harsh chemicals you pump through the water every single day, not to mention the hot Florida sun taking its toll. Eventually, every pool needs resurfacing to help seal cracks, improve the finish and take care of other issues that have popped up since installation or the last resurfacing effort.

Pool linings typically last a decade and sometimes longer, but if you’ve noticed cracks or filtration problems, you may have to resurface your pool sooner. Here is an overview of why and when pool resurfacing in Clearwater, FL is necessary.

What is pool resurfacing?

Pool resurfacing involves redoing the plaster lining of your pool so it’s smooth, crack-free and leak-proof. Some people choose to cover theirs in pebbles or tile, while others opt for a simple finish—or you can combine different surfaces for an aesthetic effect. Resurfacing involves draining the pool to remove the existing surface, “repaving” the interior and allowing it to cure before you can refill it again.

If you’ve been considering a remodel or adding features, doing so alongside your regular resurfacing is a great opportunity to upgrade the look of your pool.

Why do I need pool resurfacing?

Here are some of the best reasons to invest in pool resurfacing in Clearwater, FL:

  • It’s starting to look dated and grungy: Faded surfaces, dirt and exposed plaster all combine to make your pool look outdated, dirty and in a state of constant disrepair—which doesn’t make anyone want to swim in it. Pool resurfacing replaces and smooths your pool’s lining to restore its function as well as its appearance. At Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc., we use Marquis to resurface pools—it’s a durable conglomerate material that comes in more than ten colors.
  • You’ve noticed damage: Have you started to notice cracks, exposed plaster or peeling in your pool? When you see damage to the lining, you need to act immediately. As you continue to use the pool, algae may hide in the cracks, and plaster peeling can collect at the bottom. It’s unsafe and unhygienic, not to mention the fact that it’ll get worse the longer you wait. Save yourself time and money by scheduling pool refinishing in Clearwater, FL right away.
  • The lining is rough: Have you ever scraped your feet, hands or limbs on a rough pool lining? Not only is it painful—and you might not notice until you get out of the pool—but it can also allow infections to get in under your skin. This occurs when the plaster is exposed, thanks to wear and tear or age. Pool resurfacing not only saves you from major repairs down the line, but it also helps preserve your comfort and health.

Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc. can help you with all your pool resurfacing and upgrade needs. Call us today to get an estimate and talk about what we can do for you.

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