Signs Your Pool Needs to Be Resurfaced

Eventually, all pools start to show wear and tear. Between the hot sun and frequent use, eventually your pool’s surface will begin to degrade—in fact, it might start crumbling in as little as seven years. Pool resurfacing in Clearwater, FL is the answer to this problem. Resurfacing and or new glass tile allows you to preserve the structure and shape of your pool while fixing the surface problems that threaten its structural integrity and aesthetics.

Here are the top signs that your pool needs to be resurfaced:

  • Rough texture: If you’ve noticed rough spots on the bottom or sides of your pool, that’s a sure sign that it’s time to get your pool resurfaced. These spots are not only unattractive, but they can scuff your feet and cause them to bleed. It’s a health and safety hazard, so try to address this problem as promptly as possible.
  • Crumbling plaster (spalling): The plaster on the bottom of your pool should never look like it’s crumbling or peeling. This is caused by low pH levels, and once it starts, the only solution is to resurface your pool. (At least your pool will look great when it’s done!)
  • Drops in the water level: Has your pool’s water level dropped suddenly in recent weeks, or have you needed to add water more than you’ve had to in the past? That’s a sure sign that your pool has a leak somewhere, whether through cracks in the plaster or around pipe fittings. Since leaks are hard to detect normally, the best way to find and repair all the leaks is to get your pool resurfaced.
  • Chalky residue: If your water starts looking chalky or cloudy, particularly near the sides of the pool, it’s “chalking.” This is caused by the surface of your pool breaking down, which infiltrates the water and causes more safety hazards.
  • Stains: Stains are signs of various problems, from cracks to damaged plaster to algae blooms. Usually, resurfacing or refinishing is the best solution to a persistent stain problem, but they can sometimes be removed with an acid wash.
  • Cracks: Cracks come in two varieties: spiderweb cracks, which are fine but can cover a large surface area, and structural cracks, which are serious and need to be addressed immediately. Spiderweb cracks can form thanks to sudden extreme temperature differences, and they might even resolve on their own over time. On the other hand, structural cracks seriously compromise the structure of your pool and can cause major property damage if left unaddressed.

Taking care of your pool, including regular maintenance and pool tiling in Clearwater, FL, goes a long way toward extending its longevity. As a pool owner, you want your pool to look great and contribute to your family’s health, not cause problems and cost you a bundle of money. If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your pool, call the team at Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc. We can repair the problems and resurface your pool, giving it a total makeover. Call today for an estimate.

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