Why Pool Companies Are Considered Essential Businesses

One of the most common questions we’ve gotten over the last few months is whether our business is still allowed to operate. With COVID-19 taking over seemingly every aspect of life since March 2020, there is much confusion about who can work, who has to wait and what’s considered “essential.”

The good news is that pool contractors are considered essential businesses by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state of Florida, because we provide important services that maintain the health and safety of our clients and their properties. That means you can still get your pool maintenance and repairs in Clearwater, FL during the pandemic.

Why pool contractors are considered essential

A lot of people are surprised to learn that pool contractors qualify as essential businesses—after all, having a pool is a luxury, so why is that considered essential to daily living? The answer depends on several factors. For example, halting pool construction in the middle of the job could damage the work already done and make it difficult to resume when the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

They can also cause safety hazards to surrounding properties, like cave-ins or popping. Plus, poorly-maintained pools are a health hazard and may contribute to the spread of infectious diseases, including E. coli. Neglected pools also tend to be pest breeding grounds, which affects the entire neighborhood, and unprotected pools are drowning hazards. In short, regular pool maintenance in Clearwater, FL is necessary for many reasons.

Stay-at-home orders and the essential business designations were designed to keep as many Americans working as possible, limiting the potential for spreading the coronavirus and providing the daily services that we need. Because pools fall under “housing construction,” as well as “service providers who maintain or protect the health, operation and safety of their customers,” we are allowed to continue working with the public.

Our services

At Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc., we can help you maintain and repair your pool, but our specialty is designing custom pool makeovers for our clients. If your pool was built decades ago, chances are it’s looking pretty dated. You don’t have to start all over to get the pool of your dreams, however—we can renovate your in-ground pool, whether you want to add features, change its shape or give it a total facelift.

If your pool’s size and shape are great but it’s starting to show wear and tear from years of use, we’ll resurface your pool to make it look brand new again. We sand and recoat your pool’s interior, repave the tiles and make any necessary concrete repairs. It’s a cost-effective, fast way to get your pool in the best shape it’s ever been in—and yes, you can have it done while we’re isolating.

Ready to install or remodel your pool, or in need of pool repairs in Clearwater, FL before you can use your pool again? Bikini Pools of Florida, Inc. can help you achieve the backyard of your dreams. We also build decks, so you can get the full backyard makeover with just one contractor. Call us today for an estimate!

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