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Textured Acrylic Decks

The Bikini Pools Textured Acrylic System can add unique beauty to your concrete surfaces. Whether you want a new look for your porch, pool deck or walkway, the texture and color of acrylic can provide an economical and durable alternative to pavers and tile.

With textured acrylic, you can achieve the beauty and durability found in the pools and decks of world-class resorts and gated communities. Acrylic Decking has been used on commercial properties for many years. Its safety and strength have been put to the test in extremely high-traffic areas and have proven to maintin their integrity and beauty.

Replace Old Kool Deck or River Rock

Textured Acrylic can transform old, worn concrete into a beautiful, custom surface. With almost unlimited combinations of colors, textures and styles, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Our Textured Acrylic System is carefully installed in a 3-step process. While Textured Acrylic is generally installed over bare concrete, it can also be applied over a River Rock deck, or over worn Kool Deck, after the surface is prepared properly.

Acrylic Deck Color Selection

Our standard colors are shown below. Click on a color for a larger view. Note that your monitor may not accurately present the true color; contact us to make an appointment so we can show you samples in person!

"Bombay" is our most popular color and is a great choice for Florida decks. Custom color matching is also available; contact us for details.

Coconut color deck
Natural Concrete color deck
Natural Concrete
Pina Colada color deck
Pina Colada
Moolight Mist color deck
Moonlight Mist
Gull Gray olor deck
Gull Gray
Pearl Gray color deck
Pearl Gray
Kool White color deck
Kool White - similar to Kool Deck
Bombay color deck
Bombay - our most popular color
Sandstone color deck
Charcoal gray color deck
Charcoal Gray
Terra Cotta color deck
Terra Cotta
Brick red color deck
Brick Red
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