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Thin Pavers for your Florida Pool

Marquis Truckload

Pool Resurfacing and Tile

We specialize in pool resurfacing and tile replacement! Below you will find several options for pool resurfacing. Go to our tile page for further information about pool and spa tile.

Most older pools in Florida were originally finished with Marcite. Old Marcite pools generally last 10 to 15 years if properly maintained. Unfortunately, due to changes in the composition of the material, the Marcite finish of today is not as robust as the Marcite of several years ago. New Marcite finishes only last a few years. Therefore, "remarciting" is not the best solution. Want to remarcite or replaster? Then use Marquis.

Marquis Exposed Aggregate

Today's recommended refinishing material is an exposed aggregate product called Marquis. "Exposed aggregate" means that the product has small stones or "aggregate" (quartz in this case) that are exposed during the application and finishing process. Marquis is a factory blended mixture of polymer modified cement, quartz aggregates and various admixes specifically designed as an exposed aggregate coating for the interior of swimming pools. It has a safe, slip resistant surface and is exceptionally durable.

Marquis Truckload

Marquis is manufactured by Florida-based Premix-Marbletite, a subsidiary of Florida-based Imperial Industries. Marquis is designed for Florida pools!

Other Pool Finishes

We also offer Diamond Brite and StoneScapes finishes. These are also exposed aggregate materials. Diamond Brite is similar to Marquis, also with a varied selection of colors. StoneScapes (which is similar to Pebble Tec) gives your pool the naturally beautiful look of a pebble-bottomed stream.

Marquis Bluestone

Our most popular Marquis color is Bluestone. The small bits of quartz and blue color make the water sparkle like the Caribbean Sea. We buy Marquis Bluestone by the truckload and pass the savings on to you!
Marquis Bluestone
See a larger picture of Bluestone.

Other available Marquis colors are shown below. Contact us for pricing and availability of these colors.

Other Light Colors

Marquis Majestic White
Majestic White
Marquis Natural
Marquis Oyster
Marquis Marina

Other Dark Colors

Dark colored surfaces give a pool a "lagoon" appearance.
Marquis Charcoal
Marquis Pewter
Marquis Dune
Marquis Azure
Marquis Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle

We Buy Marquis by the Truckload and Pass the Savings on to YOU!!!!!

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